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History: Anthony Edward Carrig (original spelling as Carrigg) settled in Port Augusta in 1865.

History: Anthony Edward Carrig (original spelling as Carrigg) settled in Port Augusta in 1865.

Anthony Edward CARRIG (original spelling CARRIGG)

Born in Port Augusta on February 9, 1869, Anthony Edward Carrigg (now with one G) the son of John Carrigg who settled in Port Augusta in 1865. Anthony was educated at Christian Brothers College, Adelaide and later entered into the employment of Mr W. J. Gladwin, chemist of Port Augusta, and subsequently taking over the business around 1895 as listed in the Sands & McDougall directory of 1896 trading in Port Augusta is A.E. Carrigg Chemist.

Anthony married Olive May Fogden of North Adelaide in 1901. From an early age Anthony took an active part in the municipal work, and following in his father's footsteps (a member of Davenport Council) becoming a member of Port Augusta council for six years, and Mayor 1909-10, being the first Port Augusta boy to attain to that honour.

Anthony was a member of the Hospital Board for seventeen years' continuous service. was a Justice of the Peace for many years.

In sport he was prominent, having been president of the Port Augusta and Flinders Jockey Club (now Port Augusta Racing Club), and was one of three vice-presidents at the time of his death.

He originated the Gun Club, and was an excellent shot, also had interested himself in the Rifle Club, and a keen supporter of football and cricket interests.

Was of a kindly and philanthropic nature, he was well known for his beneficent gifts to charitable activities, and was highly respected by the residents of the town and the northern districts, and was one of the prominent business men of the Port. Was admired by the members and the clergy of the Catholic Church where he was a member.

Anthony passed away August 19, 1926 aged 57.

The funeral was one of the largest held here, friends from many parts of the north were present. Rev. Father O'Byrne officiated at the grave side. Anthony leaves his widow Olive Carrig, two sons, Norman Lindsay and Frank Edward, Norman took over the business and began trading under the name Carrig Chemist. (as we knew it, the name disappeared not so long ago)