Indigenous challenge launched in Port Augusta

There are rumblings in Adnyamathanha lands.

Conflict has emerged between the Adnyamathanha Traditional Lands Association and 30 members who are calling for a general meeting.

In Port Augusta on Saturday, the people including Adnyamathanha elders met at the Cooinda Social Club at a gathering called by a reform group.

Led by elder Charlie Jackson, the group is asking for an annual general meeting.

These members want clarification regarding the distribution of royalties from the Beverley uranium mine in the outback.

The royalties are believed to run into millions of dollars.

The group decided to ask association directors to call a general meeting.

Association chairman Damian Coulthard said the directors were "in the process of holding an annual general meeting" and they aimed to be "more transparent". "It is one of the things I promised when I became chairman," he said.

"Good on them for having a meeting and coming up with the resolution.

"We are really close to saying we have a community meeting.

"When Adnyamathanha people see me, I say, 'hold on a little bit, we will get there and have a meeting'."