Railways snatch a one-goal win and St Joes resist Magpies challenge | GALLERY


There is an expectation developing with Vikings that it is not opposed to testing position changes to reach its winning formula. Against Railways there was a change every quarter. The game plan was working and at three quarter time it had kept up with the opposition. Railways had a 39-32 lead. Laurie Haynes was dynamic as wing attack and was not intimidated by Vikings trialing Phoebe Hunter or Amelia Etchells to defend her to a subdued level. Haynes was in the action to support openings for passes from team mates Lily Fullerton, Peyton Fuller, Claire Schupelius and Jenna Glamuzina. Everything was in good shape for Railways before a downfall hit.

Vikings took the court in the fourth quarter by keeping the reliable goalie combination of Lara Etchells and Tiana Freeman, Phoebe Hunter as wing defence, Brittany Pascoe and wing attack, Casey Lukich as centre and vibrant goal defenders Erin Egel and Amelia Etchells.

The Vikings combination hit a nerve with Railways. It became ineffective to replicate its dominance across all of the court. Railways faced a huge test of it ability under pressure. Its 7 goal lead was being gobbled up. Mikala Fuller with Jaedina Rose Venning kept the energy flowing around the goal circle but nothing was emerging as planned in the successful scoring of goals. The game became exciting. In the last 25 seconds scores were locked at 46-46.

Spectators could hear the Railways calls of "don't rush, don't rush, just get down to the goals". Miraculously Railways got the ball to goal attack Claire Schupelius who gladly scored the winning goal with 2 seconds to go. What a wicked game it was.

St Josephs def. Magpies

Unpredictable Magpies threw a curved ball into the game against St Josephs by introducing B Grade goalie Georgia Irvine into the goal circle to replace an injured Kate Brusnahan in the third quarter. Irvine had just completed an excellent accuracy B Grade game against Railways that resulted in a tied result. St Josephs had already surprised Magpies at the start of the game with Lisa Welfare positioned as Goal Keeper relinquishing her usual role in the goal scoring circle. The goalies for the game were Lucy Janiak and Annie Packard. The two up and coming stars plus U15 Maia Scharenberg who took some exceptional midcourt interceptions for St Josephs shone taking the team to a half time lead 28-16.

Magpies could not buy a goal because it wasted so many opportunities mid court before the ball even got to the goal circle. There were flashes of excellent individual efforts. Aysha Zada burned energy in two sections of the court and Kelsey Ellis tagged St Josephs wing attack Amy Green from the centre pass to the goal circle. The dilemma for Magpies was that it fell into the trap of matching the speed of St Josephs. Green, Leah Carling and Taylor-Lee Breen are like a swift hurricane covering extensive parts of the court. Magpies looked doomed.

Where there is a will there is a way. Unfortunately Brusnahan got injured. A ray of hope in Irvine entered the court for Magpies. Goal Keeper Welfare had trouble controlling the small lively stature of Irvine who is one of the most reliable goalies the Magpies club has. There were not any rebounds to take. Irvine with Zada turned the tables to frighten St Josephs with a 17-9 third quarter. To see the action play out was incredibly breath-taking.

The shock challenge forced St Josephs to focus on an error free fourth quarter. It was an amazing reversal of control. The Magpies defence line encountered contests that they did not win. Once again the spirit of the Saints came forth to complete the game 55-41.


Vikings continue to carve its path to a premiership. Letarnya Khan was given another opportunity to shine in the goal circle. Kellie Von Senden suffered an ankle injury in the third quarter. Up until that time Von Senden led confidently with support from Carlee Margitich. Both goalies had a fast passing tactic that overpowered St Josephs defenders Courtney Hannigan and Tara Nayda. The tactic was so slick that it made the defenders look slow to adjust to the pace in the circle. What was amazing was that St Josephs responded in a quiet way to keep up with scoring challenges. Vikings only led 13-12 in the first quarter. Joeys goalies Tara Hogg and Amanda Horner whilst under pressure from Vikings defenders Kym Bishop and Jade Dawson were able to achieve accuracy when the opportunity presented.

Vikings never looked to be in danger of losing control of the game. The team basically took the theory of netball and applied it into practice at a very fast pace. All players looked good and their ownership of positions was what wore St Josephs down. The other great plus was the entry of Khan into the goal circle for Vikings. Defenders Nayda and Hannigan did not have an answer to curb Khans' dominance to lead to the front or her accuracy and rebounding power.

Vikings under the spell of Khan and Margitich in the last quarter brought St Josephs back to a reality check. The speed and timing of leads from Jessica Freeman, Bianca Reid and Belinda Myles made it difficult for the opposition's trying midcourt players to restrain the attacking moves. When mistakes were made there was a consequence particularly in the last quarter. Vikings set the scene and owned the game 61-42

There was a bit of a breeze on the outside court which favoured both Magpies and Railways at the change of goal ends. As expected for Railways Teraleyha Coulthard and Eliza Parker combined well as goal shooters and were well fed by Swai Todnai, Kaylanah Reid and Shaniqwa Stuart. For Magpies it was Georgia Irvine and Stacey Colson who matched the scoring feats being fed well from Alyce Bertelsmeier and Tyrell Yarran. The defending plots from both teams added to the evenness of the contest.

For Magpies evergreen Tanya Aird led Prue Martin and Katelyn Barnett in achieving turnovers that were rewarded with goals from Irvine and Colson. Just as astute to respond was Jessie Pilsko and Paige Ashman for Railways. The whole game was an equalising event and that is how the game ended. It was a 46-46 draw.


Second placed St Josephs has slipped to third position because of the great effort from fifth placed Vikings Blue. At half time Vikings led 20-13. St Josephs did retaliate to be in deficit by only 3 goals in the third quarter. Charlotte Hill and Zali O'Dea did well to find a way to outplay Vikings defenders Rylee Dalla Santa and Alice Ticehurst. It was short term though. Vikings had Gemma Broadwood and Ashleigh McKenna reverse the ownership of the game in the last quarter. Vikings Louise Hunter, Karis Raspe and Krystal Thompson were able to get the edge over their opponents Olivia Maloney, Cate Dunemann and Lauren Howell in the midcourt. A mistake here and there was costly which favoured Vikings Blue with a winning result 37-29.

Railways remain in top position and Vikings Green assumes second place and Quorn are fourth on the ladder. Another surprise in the division was the win by Vikings Green over Railways. It did not matter what position changed Railways made using nine players Vikings kept its game plan in place to own each quarter 8-6, 7-6, 12-5, 7-5. The fluent court passes to their goalies Kiesha Cullen and Jessie Harris were rewarding. A special mention goes to Sophie Finch who is adapting well to being a very good goal keeper not only for Vikings netball Club but as also as a U/15 Port Augusta combined player. Final score was Vikings Blue 34-22.


Third placed Vikings nearly had the mettle on top seeded Railways. An amazing third quarter had Vikings at 19-18 after trailing at half time 9-16. Due to player shortage the team actually played without a wing defence. Imogen Myles and Sarcha Taylor certainly enjoyed themselves covering the midcourt space regardless of having to run endlessly from one end of the court to the other.

Once Railways got its goal shooting combination back to Tia Buckskin and Kyra Mahomed in the last quarter the game turned again in favour of Railways. The two goalies have a wonderful understanding of each other's moves and feed off each other's confidence to score goals. Railways remain top 31-25.

Second placed St Josephs is laden with eight skilled netballers. They are all steadfast with a purpose to win. In the first half of the game against Magpies players assumed their usual positions to secure a 19-7 half time lead. There were changes made in the second half to allow players to experience the different positions. Jade Grosser filled the goal attack positon and Lilah Hill reverted to the wing attack position which worked a treat as a support to goal shooter Taya O'Dea.

Magpies are not without their endeavors to make an impression. Players earn possessions but interceptions of passes by St Josephs Sadie Redden, Tori Groth and Chernille Digance made it hard for Magpies to achieve a leading role in the game. In the goal circle it was further muddied with the rebounding power of Ella Humphrys and Zara Heritage.

Magpies goalies Sophie Warren and Loretta Warren were able to feed off passes from Jahzara Thomas and Zara Thiele to net 10 goals to St Josephs 37.