Antarctic leopard seal visits Fowlers Bay

Rod Keogh can tick an item off his bucket list after spotting a leopard seal snoozing at Fowlers Bay last week.

Having spotted unusual tracks on the beach some weeks ago, the owner of EP Cruises said the tracks returned recently, this time near his house, through the sand dunes and out to the beach.

What was so surprising for Mr Keogh is that the tracks belonged to a leopard seal - a predator normally found in Antarctic waters.

Mr Keogh said the seal was about 2.4 metres in length, but he was not sure if it was a male or female.

"I've been seeing tracks up and down the beach and knew it was a seal, but not what type it it was," he said.

"I showed people on the boat tour the seal marks on the beach and days later he rocked up just down from the house."

Mr Keogh said he noticed the number of sea lions at Fowlers Bay had dramatically reduced of late and he suspected the leopard seal was still lurking.

He said the rogue seal may also be behind an attack on a whale born earlier this season.

"I haven't seen the tracks, but I still think he is around," Mr Keogh said.

"It coincided with whale migration season and we've been seeing his tracks from when the first whale came to the coast.

"The first born calf has marks on him and it's possible by looking at the mark it could be the seal that did the damage - maybe it is following the whales on their migration."

It is certainly a long way from home for the leopard seal, however one came up on Sydney's Bondi Beach last week, while Mr Keogh said 60 leopard seals had been spotted in South Australia since 1915.

"I had not seen one before and always wanted to see one in the wild," he said.

"It's a beautiful animal."

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