Cannons outplay Gunners in season end

Div 1 winners: RSL Cannons - Brodie Grantham, Dick Elliot, Peter Greatbatch, James Little and Tim Martlew.
Div 1 winners: RSL Cannons - Brodie Grantham, Dick Elliot, Peter Greatbatch, James Little and Tim Martlew.

Division 1 - Prelim Final

Travellers Gunners 9 d PABC Shooters 7

It was a close and tense final to see who would advance to the Grand Final with the opening three sets all tied up at 6 frames apiece. However, when Dave Stirling defeated Andrew Thorpe in the final frame, he had given Gunners the chance to take out the title. Stirling was the best player for Gunners, winning three of his four frames, including an eightball pot out. He was well supported by Anthony Grantham who also won three from four, with Troy Coe and Tim Allport winning two and one frame respectively. Shooters had lost their two most important matches for the season after a very successful minor round. In this match, Thorpe won two of his three frames, with Rob Duke and Jason Boyd winning two from four.

DIVISION 1 - Grand Final

RSL Cannons 9 d Travellers Gunners 5

Cannons finished off their season in style, proving to be far too strong on the night for Gunners. After winning each of the opening two sets 3-1, Cannons went into the final set needing to win one frame and when Tim Marlew defeated Tim Allport in the fourteenth frame, Cannons had claimed their premiership. All four players contributed to Cannons victory, with James Little completing a very successful day by winning the three frames that he played, Peter Greatbatch won three from four, Martlew won two and Brodie Grantham won one from three.

DIVISION 2 - Prelim Final

Stirling Progress Cougars 9 d PABC Assassins 6

Cougars looked to have recovered well from their semi-final defeat when they led by 4-0 after the first set. Assassins fought back to take the second set 3-1, but when Cougars won the third set by 3-0, they only needed to win one frame in the final set to progress to the Grand Final. This they accomplished in the fifteenth frame. For the winners, Will Tucker was unbeaten with three from three, Tyler Bavington won three from four and Simon Watts won the two frames that he played. The improved Assassins team were best served by John White with two wins from three attempts, Norm Smith won two from four, with Toby and Felicity Quigley each winning one of their two frames.

DIVISION 2 - Grand Final

Flinders Ferals 9 d SNP Cougars 7

In an entertaining final, neither team was able to break the shackles, with the opening three frames being tied at two frames apiece. Bradley McKenzie won the opening frame of the final set to give the advantage to Cougars, but victories to Ferals' players, Bill Taylor, Neville Karger and Terry Forsyth saw their team claiming the Terry Blaikie Memorial Shield as Division 2 premiers. It was a fitting result, as Blaikie had been an inaugural member of the Ferals team and it was his son in law, Forsyth who starred for the team, winning his four frames.

Karger was successful in three from four, with Taylor and Timm Thompson claiming one frame each. Cougars were best served by Rhys Bavington and McKenzie, each of whom won two from four.