Man struck and dies in front of kids, court told

Man struck and dies in front of kids, court told

Nathan Freer died from multiple fractures and internal injuries after being struck by a vehicle and dragged more than 10-metres, the Supreme Court has heard.

The Supreme Court trial of Adriana Tennant was opened today in Port Augusta after the defendant entered a not guilty plea to the murder of Mr Freer in Quorn on November 24, 2017.

Prosecutor Lisa Dunlop told the court there was history between the two families following a dispute over a trailer.

The court heard the families had been amicable until Mr Freer declined to lend the Tennants his trailer, causing relations to drastically decline.

On the night of the alleged murder, Ms Dunlop told the court the Freers and Tennants has been spending time at another family members' home.

Tennant and her husband were captured on audio recording talking about going over to Freers with Tennant saying: "Well, we've got to go over and do some stirring up."

The defence questioned the transcript, her lawyer Grahame Lang asking if Tennant possibly replied with "Well, we've got to go 'ome [home] and do some stirring up."

The two cars, Tennant's Mitsubishi ute and Mr Freers red Holden Commodore, passed each other on Park Terrace.

A witness heard Mr Freer yell: "You mob of c...ts" before chasing the Tennants.

The court was told Mr Freer got out of his car and threw a beer bottle at the Mitsubishi ute.

Tennant, who was parked on the side of the road, then started to move her vehicle to execute a U-turn.

Ms Dunlop told the court Tennant then turned 270 degrees, accelerated and "steered a course that put Nathan Freer directly in front of her vehicle".

The incident was captured on dashcam footage obtained by the police.

The court heard Mr Freer was laying behind the ute, which was parked in a creek bed against a tree. His partner Angie Dowling tried to resuscitate Mr Freer while his two sons watched on in tears.

The trial will continue before Justice Trish Kelly and in the absence of a jury, is expected to run for the next few days at the Supreme Court in Port Augusta.