Quorn Netball and Football Carnival | GALLERY

Sunday was a great day at Quorn for the netball, football, barbecue and hospitality.

There were seven teams competing in the U9 netball division: Quorn, St Josephs, Vikings, Shamrocks, Vikings,

BMW Lions (Booleroo Centre, Melrose, Wilmington) and BSR Tigers (Brinkworth, Snowtown, Redhill).

Every team played each other with St Josephs finishing top unbeaten (one draw with BSR) with the right to play BSR in the final.

It was a fabulous game. Every move St Josephs made was golden. The team consisted of Latisha Price, Matilda Hill, Lainie Wilson, Brooke Vater, Urshula Poole, Khoda Robinson, Lara Martlew and Isabella Warren and coached by Amanda Horner and Nicole McInnes.

At half time St Josephs had a good 3-1 lead. The charmed team ended up claiming the competition medals 7-2.

Check the photos of the netball and football competition. Every picture tells a story.