Railways deny Vikings win and St Joseph shutdown Magpies attack

Players as an acknowledgement to the Associations 'Mental Health Awareness' day wore green hair ties and played with a green netball. Green is a calming colour. The green ball certainly did not dampen any tenacity required to win a netball game. However there was plenty of respect between the teams and that has been developing over many weeks now more so with the A Grade. A good example is when a player 'hits the deck' an opposition player helps them up. Another example is when a defending player is beaten by a superb opposing goal shot it is acknowledged as such. What is wrong with a bit of pleasantry before dashing back to determinedly compete for the win? At the end of a game there is the 'thanks for the game hand shake'. PA netball is doing respect well.

At half time Railways and Vikings were drawn 25-25. You could sense an explosion was going to erupt. It did in the last quarter. Railways had a one goal lead and had to keep it. Vikings surprise, surprise, did not rearrange the players to alternative positions. Not one player from either team could be faltered in their desperate efforts to 'out-fox' the other.

Vikings goalies Lara Etchells and Tiana Freeman relied on their accuracy to beat Railways defenders Peyton Fuller and Lily Fullerton. Railways goalies Jaedina-Rose Venning and Claire Schupelius duplicated the same accuracy against Vikings Amelia Etchells and Tylah Jackson. The activity in the goal circles was chaotic. It was like bees buzzing frantically in a beehive. The ball was passed wildly but in control in and out and around the outside of the circle before it was either shot or intercepted.

The pace and athletic action through the midcourt was entertaining because it was so electrifying. Railways had Laurie Haynes, Peyton Fuller and Brynn Byron-Boles transfixed on closing down the speed and timely leads coming from Vikings Phoebe Hunter, Casey Lukich, Kym Bishop and Jackson. There was great directive talk coming from Lukich and Hunter.

With speed comes mistakes and that was what started to undo both teams desperation. With seconds to go Railways had a one goal lead and strategically slowed the pace down to keep the win, but Vikings savior Bishop intercepted a Railways pass. She let fly with a pass to the goal circle. Midair the siren sounded. Railways won 49-48. Best game Phoebe Hunter and Laurie Haynes.


If it was not for the outstanding first and third quartersfromSt Josephs the ongoing challenges Magpies is serving out to the division could have resulted in a different outcome. Magpies have earned respect now that its competitive edge has sharpened. 'Joes' found it hard to shake the consistent attack Magpies players were delivering. Magpies defenders Jessie Maule and Ellie Packard had to spend a lot of energy to curb the clever goal circle moves from St Josephs goalies Lisa Welfare and Lucy Janiak. There were some wonderful match winning mid-range shots from Janiak who has become quite well drilled to combat defending pressure.

St Josephs defenders Courtney Webb, Taylor-Lee Breen and Ebony Butler were the backbone their team needed. Some of the ambitious St Josephs midcourt passes executed to get to Janiak and Welfare deserved to be picked off by Magpies Maule and Packard but it meant St Josephs defenders had to work twice as hard to win turn-overs. They covered some court mileage to achieve the job and included Amy Green in the return passage of play.

In the mix of the play was St Josephs Leah Carling. She had a stabilising effect on St Josephs endeavors. There was not a spot on the court Carling did not cover for possessions or interceptions. Carling supported the goalies for passes in and out of the circle as well as to assist the defenders to clear the ball out of Magpies territory. Glory be for St Josephs that Carling was 100% full throttle committed to the 63-46 win. Best game Carling and Breen

Magpies Centre player Alyce Bertelsmeier who was keeping up with Carling for two quarters gave us all a scare when she called injury time-out being breathless. All good. Alyce enjoyed the rest of the game from the bench.


St Josephs are now knee deep in trouble to hold third spot. The sinking feeling is setting in. It is fortunate it will not drop out of the top four. Against Magpies it kept pace until the third quarter. Goalies Kate Brusnahan and Ebony Janiak stormed the goal circle17-12. St Josephs just did not have a steady cohesive approach in the second half. Magpies attack was well lead by Tyrell Yarrin, Prue Martin, Stacey Colson, Georgina Hewett and Tanya Aird complementing the goalies efforts 60-49.

At half time second placed Quorn had top placed Vikings worried. Vikings only led 22-18. Vikings midcourt players Belinda Myles, Jessica Freeman and Xena Carpenter overmastered Quorn to be the driving force to fluently drive the ball from defenders Jade Dawson and Bianca Reid through to goalies Carlee Margitch, Kellie Von Senden and Letarnya Khan to secure the win 44-33.


There were plenty of spectators urging Magpies to stifle the spirited Vikings Green team Every quarter Vikings held its lead by 3 goals. Jessie Harris and Abby L Martin and Ashleigh McKenna combined well to out-position Magpies defenders Katelyn Barnett and Sakaya Newchurch. It was so close. When Magpies Carly Veljkovic and Zahli Liddicoat scored Vikings overturned the glory to edge in as winners 36-31.

St Josephs jumped to a good 1st quarter start 13-3 over Shamrocks. The competition evened out until the last quarter when 'Joes' planted the accelerator to own the quarter and extend its lead to a 48-39 win. Charlotte Hill rewarded the team as goal attack. Defender Amy Nayda kept close check on Shamrocks goalie Tannika Warren.

Quorn and Vikings Blue braved the cold on the outside courts and to beat being frozen traded goal for goal quarters until Vikings decided to fast track its intentions in the 3rd quarter 14-8. Quorn did not recover and were frozen out by Vikings 45-35. Letarnya Khan, Tamika Reid, Sophie Finch and Ellyssa Miles all contributed to Vikings final score.

U15 DIV 1

This division is packed with skilled talent. It was a nail biting game between St Josephs and Railways. Either team could have won. Missing from Railways was defender Rebecca Kennedy however the combination of Sophie Glamuzina and Shaniqwa Stuart pushed St Jospephs goalies Zali O'Dea and Charlotte Hill to deliver their best. They did. Joes won 28-25 with relief written all over their faces.

Another nail biter was between Vikings Green and Quorn. As expected Jayde Finlay and Mackenzie Chapman shone in the Quorn goal circle until half time at which time Vikings defenders Shalana Cox and Sophie Finch sorted out a plan to undermine the Quorn dominance. This allowed Vikings goalies Kiesha Cullen and Jessie Harris to surprise attack the goal ring to bring Vikings its 25-21 win.


Where would St Josephs Club be if it wasn't for its 1947 St Josephs Team? The Club started in a school competition. In 1972 St Marys and All Saints amalgamated with St Josephs and here the club is today with Nicole McInnes leading. We are dignified from time to time by 1947 player Kath Freeman and husband Bill as spectators to catch a game when Vikings Jessica and Tiana Freeman play.

Progressing to the modern era Marietta Gaghan was a committed worker to keep forging the club ahead. Today long term leadership has come from members like Angela Corbett, Di Humphrys, Venessa Blinman, Kim Maloney, Dalla Santa sisters, Nicole Carter, Harrison sisters and Dani Zubrinick. The A Grade players also contribute to coaching, umpiring and fundraising for the Club. Over the years there has been good premiership winning coaches. This season the club has Lisa Welfare at the helm.

The collaboration comes from within the association and with other external netball and sporting connections. The club prides itself with talented junior players who are afforded opportunities in the senior grades, like Maia Scharenberg for A Grade and Charlotte Hill for C Grade.

Co-coaching junior teams are Maia Scharenberg, Lauren Howell, Olivia Maloney, Ebony Ramke, Cate Dunemann and Zali O'Dea. Other juniors have committed to the Green Shirt Umpire program. The club is in a good position with its strategy to collaborate to ensure longevity.