Zoe's big dreams

SOCCER: Zoe Smith (right) post match with teammates Mia Smith (left) and Destiny Freer (middle).
SOCCER: Zoe Smith (right) post match with teammates Mia Smith (left) and Destiny Freer (middle).

Soccer fanatic Zoe Smith has been playing the sport for five years and at just 14-years-old has been selected to represent South Australia in two international tours.

Zoe will travel with the Football Federation South Australia (FFSA) to both Singapore and Fiji this year in a dream run for the budding star.

She attended the FFSA training camp in March and was invited back to the second round of try outs for the squad heading to Singapore in November.

While she was awaiting results from the try outs, coaches saw Zoe play in Modbury with her with her regular club, the Northern Demons, and invited her to join the squad heading to Fiji in December.

With two invitations in one week, Zoe couldn't believe her luck.

"I was really excited and scared about it because I've never been overseas, I've never even been out of the state," she said.

"I think I'll become a better player and understand how different people look at the game. It will really open my eyes to different things."

The year nine Port Augusta Secondary School Student plans to use her journey to encourage young female sport players in the community.

She will be co-coaching a team in the upcoming Bis Carnival in Whyalla.

"In the Bis Carnival last year I scored my first two goals and that gave me confidence to play striker or play up forward," Zoe said.

"I just want other girls to have the same chances that I've had."

Zoe gets her enthusiasm from her dad who, with the support of his parents, was able to represent at state level in soccer and other sports.

"It may be a once in a life time experience which is why we want her to have it. It will just grow her enthusiasm and love for the game," Zoe's mum Cheryl Smith said.

"She did all the hard work herself, she was selected and nobody pushed her into a team. She was invited off her talents and her willingness to learn new things."

With two international events in the same year, the opportunity comes at considerable cost.