St Joes and Railways draw in top of the table clash

Within one minute of the game St Josephs and Railways had one goal each. Interesting change of events for 'Joes' was that playing Coach Lisa Welfare coached from the bench. There is no underestimating her leadership on the court as player and the confidence inspiring effect it has with the team.

The first quarter belonged to Railways 8-6. Railways defenders Peyton Fuller and Lily Fullerton picked off a good percentage of passes meant for St Josephs Amanda Horner and Lucy Janiak. Both goalies made it hard for Leah Carling and Amy Green to achieve perfect lob passes when they played behind the two tall Railways defenders.

St Josephs were kept in the close contest by the remarkable defending work undertaken by Courtney Webb and Taylor-Lee Breen who denied easy passes to Railways goalies Claire Schupelius and Jaedina Rose Venning. Their efforts were awe-inspiring. In response to remarkability Mikala Fuller hurled off a pass from near the centre circle into the goal circle over the heads of about five players. Incredible feats and the best attributes of all players on the court were in action.

Railways looked to be in the best position at three quarter time 32-27. St Josephs was not letting go of its thirst to upset Railways dominance. The fourth quarter exploded into a tense goal for goal competition. The fast pace and exchanges of mistakes under pressure introduced an exciting stage of the game. With 5 minutes to go the scores were locked 38-38.

On court communication between players was at a high level. Desperation to win was high. It was St Josephs goalies v Railways goalies. Both teams' defenders basked in the glory of winning turn-overs. Midcourt 'Joes' players Carling, Green and Ebony Butler matched the stamina and driving forces of Railways Laurie Haynes, M Fuller and Brynn Byron-Boles.

Best games came from all players hence the 41-41 draw. St Josephs has also demonstrated that inspiration comes from within the passion of it players and has very quickly accepted its coaching leadership from the bench.

Both teams thank Kristie Sonntag and Grant Maling for the great umpiring.


What did Magpies think when Vikings rocked up to the game with no Erin Egel, Phoebe Hunter, Tiana Freeman and Brittany Pascoe? Stunned is a good word. Concern is another word when Carlee Margitich, Belinda Myles and Kym Bishop-Crabbe emerged from the Vikings bench. These players along with Casey Lukich can be considered troupers of the club still offering elite netball skills. They all delivered the skilled contest expected. So did Magpies goalies Aysha Zada and Georgia Irvine as well as defenders Kelsey Ellis, Ellie Packard and Jessie Maule. Victoria Glen and Alyce Bertelsmeier were dynamic in the midcourt and found space around the goal circle to feed their goalies.

In the first half Vikings 30-24 had the leading edge on the game. Margitich was reliable as the goal shooter as was goal attack Lara Etchells. The combination tested Magpies defenders. There was not much one could do when accuracy rules. Bishop-Crabbe increased the opportunities to Vikings goalies with her interceptions to turn over play in the midcourt.

In the second half of the game Magpies got into a steam rolling mode. Open passages of play opened up and Bertelsmeier took advantage and read play well enough to know where to be to feed goalies Zada and Irvine. The score deficit reduced to 4 goals. The fourth quarter was nail biting. Could the notable Vikings team resist the motivated Magpies team?

The score line went up and down. Vikings Tylah Jackson and Amelia Etchells kept close attention to Magpies goalies moves and where chances presented grabbed any rebounds. The game came down to not losing a centre pass. Vikings lost less to nobly take the winning credit 55-53. Best game: Bertelsmeier and Bishop-Crabbe

As spectators we have been fortunate to witness great appertising games leading into the finals round that commence 31 August 2019. Grand Final Day is 14 Sept 2019.


Quorn made as many necessary positon changes to make an impression on Magpies but the second quarter set the scene for a result. Magpies Molly Edwards and Carmen Kernahan spun their accuracy magic to stamp the Magpies authority at half time 28-15. There was not much more that Quorn defenders Georgia Turner and Stephanie Saxton could do to unravel the strong rebounding and the slick goal circle passing from the opposition goalies.

Further Magpies strength came from Stacey Waterman and Georgia Holland who forced Quorn goalies Mikaela Rasmus and Rebekah O'Neill to produce their best shooting performance. Any flaws were snapped up by the defenders. In the midcourt Tiffany Warren, Paige Matheson and Raener Miller added more value to the competitive approach against Quorn.

The competitive nature of Quorn responded to Magpies tenacity in the second half. The players read play better and were able to match the goal scoring and the defending power of Magpies. Too late. The game was sewn up in the second quarter. Magpies game 47-30.

Which team was more tactically switched on? Gold or Blue for St Josephs? Both teams have experienced and fit players. The Blue team bolted straight into action from the start. How was the Gold team going to recover from a 12-29 half time deficit? The energy was all saved for the last quarter. The Gold team had Lucy Mercer and Hannah Carling outscoring the Blue Tams goal tally but not enough to turn the game to a win.

Kim Maloney, Tamsin MacPherson, Selina Hodge, Maria Corbell, Jordan Crabtree, Ktora Danenberg and Rebecca Kidman had enough stamina through the court to hold on to their early lead to take the Blues win 48-29.


15 Div2 St Josephs were able to keep a consistent quarter by quarter approach to oppose the even talent of Railways 7-4, 6-2, 6-2, 10-3 (29-11). Taya O'Dea (13Div1) combined well with Chernille Digance to keep the goal score rolling even though Railways defenders Shayla Reid and Keitah Hayes positioned themselves well to rebound any missed shots or intercept incoming goal circle passes.

Tiahne Carter, Jacinta Hodge and Sadie Redden livened up the midcourt with in-front leads to receive passes from their defenders Amy Donaldson and Imogen Packard. The reliable game plan worked wonders for the win.

13 DIV3 Shamrocks and Vikings were evenly matched in the first quarter 1-1. Vikings made some changes in the second quarter. Danelle Cullen and Alexia Clarke switched goal shooting positions and Syriah Reid swapped with Amalie Gerlach from goal defender to centre. The change resulted in a 6-1 half time lead.

Not to be left out of action Shamrocks turned the focus of the game in the last quarter to its favour. Well done Shonesha Brady and Trizanna Weetra- Besant to find a way to dominate the goal circle to stun Vikings in an exciting one goal Shamrocks win 10-9.

11 DIV1 Vikings Blue are a well-tuned unit that enjoys the competitive spirit of the game. Kelisha Reid and Aaliyah Khan-Wilson found Magpies defenders Ailani Colson and Shanae Wilton a tough rebounding couple when they missed shots.

What kept Vikings in the winning frame was the dependable interception work from Lahni Von Senden, Tyeisha Taylor and Caitlin Ashton in the midcourt. The added bonus was the defending rebounds from Me-a Collins and Sophie Clarke. The Vikings turnovers put Magpies under pressure. Vikings owned each quarter to win 36-19.

11 DIV4 Goals were not easyto come by when all the action is in the midcourt area. Vikings and Shamrocks had fun getting the ball to the goal circle. The beauty of the coaching tactics was the players getting to enjoy different positions. The excitement comes when a goal is scored.

Shamrocks had Emma Strangways, Esther M Harvey, Ashlee Anderson, Savana Hillman, Maddison Szanto, Ruby Anderson and Charlee Willis challenging Vikings Mila Horvat, Kaylee Reschke, Imogen Michael, Amber Carter, Skye Price, Mahalia Taylor and Sienna Michael to secure a win. The 2 goals scored by Vikings in the last quarter locked the 7-5 win.

11 DIV4 Quorn and St Josephs were evenly matched trading interceptions, turnovers and goal scoring. Quorn had Ebonie Werth, Shelby Finlay, Lily-Mae Butler, Georgia Shannon, Hayley McCarthy, Maddison Foster, Nicole Evans and Aurelio Reynolds swapping positions to keep up with St Josephs determination.

Harley Bailey, Emmy Footner, Milla McKerlie, Indy-Rose Kingham, Claire O'Brien, Lara Grantham and Megan Nance had an enjoyable time trying to match Quorn's last quarter dominance. Quorn won 10-5.