Seeking details on photos from 1940s

These photos came to me from Jane Jarman and are from her mother Margaret Kay (nee Cooper). The photo with all the violins is interesting that I have shown the photo to several seniors of Port Augusta and searched through The Trans of the years that it could have been taken in the early 1940s. Margaret is front row, first left.

We are looking for information about what/why/when so many children were assembled on the steps to the War Memorial Rotunda in Gladstone Square. If you are able to help, leave a message or drop in to The Transcontinental office.

In the school photo, Margaret is second left, front row. This was probably taken mid 1940s. We are looking for names and details.

A few weeks ago I was asked "where was the West Side Council Chambers". It took a lot of asking around to find out that it was next to the West Side Post Office. There does not appear to be many West Side photos of life etc on the West Side. If you have anything of early West Side, it would be interesting to be able to put a collection together for future generations.