Stirling North claims win

Stirling North Crows had a great win in the grand final to take out the 2019 table tennis premiership. Crows beat Augusta Park Eagles 8 rubbers 32 sets to 7 rubbers 27 sets in an exciting finish to the season. The match came down to the last few matches but it was the Crows who were more consistent on the night and deserved the win.

The match which was much closer than was expected but with inclusion of Phil Morphett the Eagles were competitive and took it right up to the favourites. Best player for the victors were Wes Yates and Otto Basson who both had great nights with 3 wins, and Daniel Lutz 1 win and for the losers Jannie Basson with 2 wins, Phil Morphett 2 wins, Miriam Boehringer with 1 win and David Christie with 1 win.

Best matches for the night included some classics matches where 2018 club champion Jannie Basson beat his son Jannie 11/8 in the 5th set and Phil Morphett edged out Daniel Lutz 11/9 in the 5th set. The doubles also had some great games with David Christie and Miriam defeating Daniel Lutz and Karli Basson 11/3 in the 5th set and Wes Yates and Otto Basson defeating Jannie Basson and Phil Morphett 11/5 in the 5th set, this match having a bearing on the final result.

Captain Jannie Basson would be disappointed on the loss but he wasn't far off winning and he is confident that his team will be around the mark again in 2020.

In Division 2, the result of the grand final was also a close one with Crows winning again against the determined Eagles outfit 3 rubbers to 2 rubbers with victorious team of Karli Basson and Dougal McTaggart having a great win against Adrian Christie and Jock McTaggart .

Karli had 2 wins for the Crows and was the best player in the final and Jock and Adrian had 1 win each but it came down to the doubles when the combination of Karli and Dougal McTaggart had a close win against Jock and Adrian 2 sets to 1 in the last game.

Trophy winners for the 2019 season included Club Champion Wes Yates who won 84% of his games in the season, Division 2 winner was Vaughan Yates with 83% win percentage and in the Juniors best first year player was Jock McTaggart with most improved Josh Holden. In Divison 1, Miriam Boehringer won the best first year players and most improved Karli Basson, these 2 players playing a high standard match at the end of the night in front of the large crowd cheering them on.

Andy Couzner was thanked for his work during the year on setting up tables and coordinating the juniors. The summer competition starts on October 15 at the Stirling North Progress Association Hall at 6pm, all new players welcome with a more casual competition until Christmas with the main season to start in April 2020.