Skye wins gold

WINNER: Skye Graham shows off her Australian Masters gold medal with her coach Steve Grantham at the Port Augusta Boxing Club.
WINNER: Skye Graham shows off her Australian Masters gold medal with her coach Steve Grantham at the Port Augusta Boxing Club.

First time's the charm for boxer Skye Graham, taking home the gold medal in her debut bout.

Graham stepped into the ring for her first professional boxing match at the Australian Masters Games this month.

The stakes couldn't get much higher, but the novice boxer held her nerve to beat out a much more fancied opponent in the bantamweight category.

"She was on some wins, undefeated and she was going for her fifth win," Graham said about her Western Australia counterpart.

"She came out strong, she was there to fight but it was my footwork. I moved around a bit and ended up getting my left (hand) going."

30 seconds into the second round and Graham landed a powerful punch, ending the match in a TKO.

Six months of serious, often gruelling training, had paid off.

But for Graham, the win was never in doubt. She was cool as a cucumber in the lead up and throughout.

"My coach reckons I was pretty calm. He was more nervous than I was," Graham joked.

"I was just focused on things that we had done in the lead up to it. I just picked a couple of things and thought yeah i'll work on that. I wasn't thinking much really."

Graham is the first female boxer that experienced coach Steve Grantham has ever trained.

He said her composure before the fight blew him away.

"That was Skye's first fight so I didn't really know what to expect," he said.

"When we were warming up for the fight, Skye was actually talking to other coaches and laughing ... I said 'Skye focus! You've gotta focus here, we've got to concentrate on what we have got to do', but she got in there and I have never seen somebody so relaxed."

Graham began training at the Port Augusta Boxing Club 12 months ago, but it wasn't until six months later that Grantham noticed her potential.

"The first thing I saw in Skye was her willingness and how hard she trained without really being one of the boxers at that time. Because she was training so hard in the general group, she was a standout," Grantham said.

"We have done a lot of work with her left hand and a lot of straight punches. She worked that really well."

After her success at the Australian Masters, the 38-year-old will nominate for her second fight on November 2 at the Dom Polski Centre in Adelaide.

Hoping to stay on a winning streak, Graham and her coach will continue to work on conditioning and refine technique in the lead up to the match.

"I'm just back here, ready, hungry to get back into it and keen for another fight in a few weeks," Graham said.