Playing politics with Australia's nuclear waste

The absent land-lord, ex-Senator and Leasee of Wallerberdina Station Grant Chapman, was quoted back in 2015 that he didn't mind if the government wanted to store high level nuclear waste on his pastoral lease as well as low and intermediate level nuclear waste.

Well if Minister Canavan makes the call, then that's what will be coming back from France in 2021.

According to the World Nuclear Association (world-nuclear.org), spent nuclear fuel and waste from reprocessed spent nuclear fuel are both classified as high level nuclear waste.

The Department of Industry says Australia does not have any high level waste. We do.

It's the spent fuel rods they send overseas for reprocessing. It's in their words you see.

Waste is a product that has no value to its owner.

The high level waste still has a value to someone to extract a bit more from it.

However, when it leaves France to return to Australia, it is shipped back as reprocessed vitrified High-Level Nuclear Waste.

This highly radioactive waste is long lived and contains 95 per cent of the total radioactivity, (the worst elements) from the spent nuclear fuel.

When this high-level nuclear waste is unloaded in Australia, it is reclassified as intermediate level nuclear waste.

Playing politics cannot and does not reduce the radioactive risk.

This waste must remain at Lucas Heights. Not in temporary storage on a flood plain or on farm land.

How can we trust the government when there are so many questions that they will not answer? To find a post code to put the NRWMF in before Christmas makes no sense.

Port Augusta may well be the new nuclear waste dump port and accidents do happen.

This "process" has been so divisive and flawed since day one, it needs to be scrapped in favour of an independent national enquiry involving all Australians.

Leon Ashton, Quorn