Graduate credits his early teachers

Andrew Hill with his past teachers at Carlton School.
Andrew Hill with his past teachers at Carlton School.

Year 12 graduate Andrew Hill has returned to his old stomping ground at Carlton School to pay homage to his early educators.

Andrew attended the school for all of his primary years and credits his teachers for getting him to where he is today, on the verge of entering the Australian Defence Force.

"Carlton School helped me to build resilience and confidence in the way that I pursued my future endeavours," he said.

"It was important for me to come back and say thank you to all of the teachers who helped me.

"I know that I was a bit of a troubled kid. It took a little bit more to teach me certain things so it means a lot to come back and say thank you and show them what I have achieved - that all the effort they put into me was worth it and has turned into something pretty great."

Colleen Naylor was an Student Support Worker at the school when Andrew attended.

She has fond memories of him as a student and was touched to be invited back for a mini reunion.

"I'm retired now so he's bought me back he and he's bought me back with some tears," Ms Naylor said.

"He was a good student right through school and he always did his work. He was always there helpful for anybody, including the staff. He always supported us.

"This is the first student to ever come back to thank me in 15 years, it makes me feel pretty special."

Andrew and his past teachers spent the morning sharing memories and reminiscing over morning tea. The Port Augusta Secondary School graduate now eagerly awaits his status as an Australian Army recruit.