Bloods tie with Bulldogs

All the action from round 10 of the Port Augusta Eightball Association.

Central Bloods 8 tied with South Bulldogs 8

These two teams tied the opening two sets at two frames apiece and then shared the third and fourth sets at three frames to one to claim yet another tied result.

Best players for Bloods were Ben Thorpe and Brodie Tuip with three and two wins respectively from their four frames.

Ashley Walters was best player for Bulldogs with three wins from his four frames, with strong support from Andrew Reynolds and Dewayne Pieters, each with two wins from four attempts.

Travellers Rest Gunners 8 tied with RSL Dynamite 8

In a closely fought match where neither side could gain a significant ascendancy, it was fitting that the final result was a tie.

The first half belonged to Dynamite at five frames to three, but Gunners were able to reverse this result in the second half. Anthony Grantham was undefeated with four wins for Gunners, supported by Troy Coe who won three of his four frames.

Clay Weidenbach produced the best result for Dynamite, winning three of his four frames. Rob Duke and Brenton Schulz each won two from four.

RSL Cannons 12 d PABC Shooters 4

It was a dominant performance from Cannons who led by ten frames to two after three sets, with James Little the star of the match, winning his four frames.

Ian Long and Brodie Grantham won three of their four frames, with Peter Greatbatch contributing two wins from his four attempts.

Long and Grantham also produced eightball potouts in their victories. Best player for Shooters in a disappointing result was Andrew Thorpe with two from four.

Division Two

PABC Assassins 9 d Travellers Rest Blue 7

Led by Josh Grantham with three wins from his three frames, Assassins did enough in the opening three sets to set up victory over a fast finishing Blue team.

Grantham was well supported by Lachy Cox with two wins from three attempts, whilst Robert Grimes was successful in two from four.

Shawn Reid and Terry McKenzie were the major contributors for the Blues, each with two from three.

West Augusta Hawks 10 d Central Red 6

Hawks got off to a commanding start, winning the opening two sets by three frames to one.

The Red team fought back, winning the third set by three to one, but Hawks steadied to win the final frame and claim a morale boosting victory.

Jamie Wilkin was the star of the match, winning his four frames, with his Hawks team-mates, Dave Zerbe and Wayne Cox successful in two of their three frames.

Best players for the Reds were new recruit Jo McKenzie with two from three and Dani Grantham, who won two of her four frames.

Division One ladder

  1. Centrals Bloods - 15 pts
  2. Travellers Rest Gunners - 12pts
  3. Souths Bulldogs - 10pts
  4. RSL Dynamite - 9pts
  5. RSL Cannons - 8pts
  6. PABC Shooters - 6pts

Division two ladder

  1. PABC Assassins - 10pts
  2. Centrals Red 10pts
  3. Travellers Rest Blue - 8pts
  4. West Augusta Hawks - 7pts
  5. EDP Lightening - 5pts