Warning for motorists to slow down these school holidays

Warning for motorists to slow down these school holidays

Motorists in the Far North have been warned about the dangers of creeping above the speed limit these school holidays.

The plea for motorists to stick to the speed limit comes in anticipation of an increase in regional road trips.

Police figures show, for each of the past five years, the majority of speeding motorists were travelling between 10km/h and 19km/h above the limit.

RAA Senior Manager Safety and Infrastructure Charles Mountain urged motorists to ensure their vehicles were roadworthy, especially before driving holidays, including inspecting tyres, lights, windscreen wipers and spare tyres.

"It's a great concern that tens of thousands of drivers a year are caught travelling at such excessive speeds, which can have catastrophic consequences for all road users,'' he said

"RAA is urging drivers to stick to the speed limit and arrive safely every time they get behind the wheel."

Last year more than 108,000 drivers were detected at such high speeds, representing 55 per cent of all speeding offences caught on camera or by police officers.

Mr Mountain said statistics also show high level speeding is also occurring on suburban streets and at pedestrian crossing, as well as major roads, highways and freeways.

"Motorists must also be aware there will be more traffic on regional roads during the upcoming school holidays and they should allow plenty of time to arrive safely at their destination.," he said.

The state's 2020 road toll is currently less than the same time last year, but higher than both 2017 and 2018.

A high percentage of rural fatalities have also been recorded.

Drivers are warned to guard against fatigue and distraction and said it was up to all road users to prioritise safety.