New book chronicles life before politics

PAGE TURNER: Port Lincoln Councillor Andrea Broadfoot (left) with her partner Jack Ritchie, and parents Brian and Rosalie Broadfoot with her memoir.
PAGE TURNER: Port Lincoln Councillor Andrea Broadfoot (left) with her partner Jack Ritchie, and parents Brian and Rosalie Broadfoot with her memoir.

Former Nick Xenophon candidate Andrea Broadfoot has self-published a memoir which chronicles her life before politics - and the book has already been flying off the shelves at bookshops in the Upper Spencer Gulf.

What Wisdom Whispers: Life Lessons in Love and Forgiveness was launched in August and distributed to bookshops in Port Lincoln and Port Pirie.

The main themes of the book centre on Andrea's triumphs over adversity and the value of self-care and self-love, and opportunities to grow through forgiveness.

"The intention of the book is that it focuses on my healing and promotes the healing of others," she said.

"There's a vulnerability in it, it's not all pleasant but everyone has a story...a lot of people who have been reading the book have been finding it relatable and that it's similar to their own story."

While her main career has been in politics - she's currently an elected member of the Port Lincoln City Council - Andrea had a stint as a freelance journalist with the Flinders News while raising her children in Glanstone and also wrote columns for the Port Pirie Recorder and Port Lincoln Times.

Andrea's journal, which she has kept for 35 years, helped her to tell her life story and look back at particular periods of time in her life.

"It helps me know what I was thinking or feeling at that time...some key themes and stories that popped up over and over again have formed the foundation for the memoir," she said.

The memoir begins with Andrea at age 3 and continues until 2015 when she first met her partner Jack Ritchie, which serves as a 'happy ending' for the book.

Cathryn Mora from Change Empire Books supported Andrea's goal of completing the book after she had been writing for two years.

"I took a break when running the (Grey) campaign and she was in touch with me regularly to say that I had a very powerful story and I needed to put it out into the world," she said.

"But apart from her nobody saw the finished product until the first draft was done."

Andrea ran as the Nick Xenophon candidate for Grey in 2016 where she achieved a 12.9 per cent swing against the Liberal party, with the seat being considered a safe Liberal seat.

She ran for Grey a second time in 2019 for the Centre Alliance party, but finished third in the results behind Labor and the Liberals, who once again retained the seat.

Asked whether she would consider another tilt at the seat in the future, Andrea says she 'could make a difference' but feels like she's in the right place at the moment.

"The universe puts you in the right place and maybe I'm just meant to write more books and support people that way," she said.

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