Centenary night

AN Tennis Club.
AN Tennis Club.

The first week of December will see a dual celebration for tennis in Port Augusta, with the Australian National Institute Tennis Club marking 100 years and the Stirling North Tennis Club celebrating 60 years.

The celebration will be held at the Association Courts at 6pm on Thursday, December 2. The public are invited to mark the momentous occasion, and a barbecue and refreshments will be available.

AN Tennis Club president Darren Burke said it was a bittersweet occasion for the club, which is likely to close its doors in the coming years after a financial downturn.

"There will be past presidents coming to the reunion and celebrate the centenary ... this year is our 100th year and we wanted to celebrate it," he said.

"The main association will be facilitating the function, we are the last club that's exisiting outside of the main association."

The AN Tennis Club is the last of its kind, with other clubs outside the association having amalgamated, including All Saints, Stirling North and West Side.

Mr Burke said the centenary would be held at the tennis club's twilight doubles competition, with those involved with the AN club to make speeches including past players and presidents.

"We used to have a normal Saturday competition three or four years ago, our club was still going at the time but the last remaining club which was West Side and All Saints, they were finding it hard to fill teams for that Saturday period," he said.

"As an association we cancelled that and tried a few different experiments with different time slots and days of the week.

"We've survived long enough to have our centenary this year, once that's finished we will do a couple of extra shows to wind up the committee." Make sure your RSVP to Darren Baker (0409 310 931), Mark Shirley (0428 888 076) or Ray Perry (8642 4041) before November 27. The Port Augusta Tennis Association is located at 2-8 Augusta Terrace.